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a refund of duty on imported merchandise that is linked to an exportation or destruction of the imported article.

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Duty drawbacks - Richard C Beerman, CHP

Is this warehouse?

Are you covered over with imported merchandise that your Cousin Archie mistakenly bought and paid the customs duty on, and after two years is still there because–let’s just say it–is not “popular with your customers?”

product in a foreign port waiting to be loaded?

Duty Drawbacks - Richard C Beerman, CHP

product ready to be discarded?

Duty drawbacks - Richard D Beeman, CHP

And, now you’ve got some really nice product waiting to load on a ship in a foreign port, but no room to store it? Or, maybe the real reason is that you can not stand to look at Archie’s mistake every time you walk into the warehouse.

Well, if you can return the goods to the original exporter or sell it to another foreign company, we can help you solve this dilemma – you can recover all or some money or credit for the “unpopular” goods and I can file a drawback claim for your company to get customs duty and fees back from the Federal Government that was paid at the time of importation.

possible solution

What if... no buyers?

Your company has tried everything to sell your inventory overseas, but without any luck. You tried every sales option inside the U.S., even with a willingness to forgo everything paid to the Federal Government for customs duty. That too has been a failure. The whole Country is shut down!

but wait...what about destruction?

a better solution:
unused merchandise drawback

There is a final option that will both reconcile for Uncle Archie’s huge purchasing mistake, free up warehouse space/expense and allow your company to make a valid drawback claim for all that stuff he bought.

We can help you destroy these goods (as in, making them no longer commerciably viable), with Customs supervision, and claim your drawback for originally paid duty and fees. Explosions…. probably not!

natural disasters

Drawback duty - Richard C Beerman, CHP
Duty drawback - Richard C Beerman, CHP
Duty drawback - Richard C Beerman, CHP
Duty drawback - Richard C Beerman, CHP

If your company has suffered a tragedy due to a a force of nature; a flood, a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, insect infestation – anything caused by a natural disaster, and your imported inventory, duty paid, was damaged or destroyed, I will help you recover your paid duty though drawback, It does not matter if an insurance company paid you for the loss of the goods. If your company was not reimbursed by insurance for the custom duties paid upon importation of the inventory, I will file your drawback claim and do everything I can under the law to collect your refund.


Richard was hired by Flair Flexible Packaging Corp. to file customs drawback claims to recover duty paid for a number of unused and some damaged imported rolls of heavy plastic film being returned to South Korea. He filed the required Notice of Export Or Destruction for purpose of Drawback and I was able to ship all the rolls in several shipments. Richard filed the drawback claims and attended to the details of providing the Houston Drawback Office all of the necessary inbound shipping documents that were requested. The company successfully received all the money due under the drawback claims and the procedure went smoothly.

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